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Media Office

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The 35,000 sqft regional headquarter for the global media company, was completed during the restrictive period in 2019. Where construction almost came to a standstill. Co-ordination and executions were done remotely and everyone were adapting to the preceding normal of working from home, with minimal to no site trips for inspection.

The project consist of one and a half floor of space within a building, with the lower floor dedicated to an engaging space of welcoming visitors.  The first impression upon arrival was to enter the dynamic illuminated tunnel of fame, where bespoke interchangeable bespoke tubular fixtures lay in matrix, framed the entry. Each light fixture are engraved with names of artistes, thus heightening the glam and excitement in the welcoming experience.

Upon entry, the journey continues to the open social spaces both on the left and right. The floor host a listening room of rest and review of materials, the concealed cove lighting are catered and settable to the mood of its users,  it is generally illuminated with playful placement matrix of highly diffused luminaires, that were inspired by the  circular geometry of the head set .

The highly diffused circular luminaire expression is carried to the conference room, for visual continuity. The lighting are programmable to suit the task, with the cove lighting programmable to be tunnable in shades of white at different time of the day. for an added psychological value.

Beyond that, the semi private workspaces includes a kitchen servery with cafe like setting, which allows for flexibility in the illumination, to be activated for events and various social setting. This is not just an office, but a workspace of flexibility, with social and community places within, and niche working areas. All functional luminaires are connected to photocell sensors, to mitigate excess illumination when abundance of daylight fills the space.

Project Information

Client: Confidential

Project Manager: Facilitate
Interior Designer: M Moser Associates

M&E Engineer: Bescon Consulting Engineers

Main Contractor: Tarkus Interior
Location: Singapore
Status: Completed


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