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Nestled amongst an area of residential enclaves, Man Fatt Lam is a temple dedicated to Buddhism. The main prayer hall is used primarily for worship, prayers and rituals, it housed a more than 6 meters tall Buddha statue, in gold leaf gilding techniques, and the 5 auxiliary statues behind; seated on floating pedestals above the main entrance.

The initial brief from the abbess of the temple, was to improve the lighting level and ornamental lighting behind the Buddha statue. There was concern of insufficient illumination and the visibility of the Buddha statue was in question.

Appropriate colour temperature was selected for the track lights placed on both flanks of the hall, semi hidden behind a columns' kink, the luminaires comes with dimming on board capability to appropriately radiate the intensity. Bespoke luminaires with DMX control capability were also engineered to create glows of divinity during important dates of prayers, and in an amber warm white hue during its day to day operations, much like what the abbess had imagined for the temple.

Track lights surface mount on a 12 meter span and semi concealed behind existing decorative panels was selected for the other five golden statues and general illumination; they allow for the avoidance of direct view of the light sources and fixtures; and are easily maintainable from  the windows of level 3 landscape deck.


Project Information

Client: Man Fatt Lam Temple
Status: Completed


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