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The existing Bukit Jalil stadium and it's arenas undergone an ambitious rejuvenation, into the current Kuala Lumpur Sports City. The 3 dimensional multi usage facade blades which resembles the strips of the Malayan tiger, serves as a climate screen, allows natural ventilation, with integrated lights flowing across the twisting facade, for potential revenue and social economics to the users.

Axiata Arena, was specifically illuminated to allow its radiants of its undulating perforation skin, that changes colour as suited for it's event. While the Aquatic centre was designed to emphasise its  new hydro and a glowing lantern scheme.

Project Information

Client: MRCB
Design Architect: POPULOUS
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Awards: SG Mark 2018, IES Illumination of Merit, Golden Pin award 2018, Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018,
Status: Completed


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