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The lighting scheme drew on the inspiration from the welcoming hands of the fatherly God; as imagined for the vertical form of the stone curving walls. We emphasised on using vertical illumination to accentuate the 3 storey height atrium that in-turn serves as functional lighting.
 The scheme was vigrously tested with study models using 3D printing.

Shafts of light beams through the circular skylight, emulating divinity that reinforces the additional illumination level for functions and events. At night, the illumination exudes from within the space as a beacon of light, reaching out and connecting with the city.

The place of worship itself is proposed to intrigue an almost sympathetic emotional space, where the focus is on God itself.


Project Information

Client: Grace Assembly of God Church
 Architect: Laud Architects

M&E Engineer: BECA Carter
Awards:  10th Spark Awards - Gold Winner
Status: Completed


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