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The two towers that soar above are celebrated with individuality, yet holistically bonding the lower podium together. 

The proposal consist of integral fixtures that are invisible during the day, as dusk fell, the height of the building are accentuated. The concept behind was derived from the Client's main business of aviation. It was proposed the roof crown which consisted of outdoor public space, provides an uninterrupted visual at night. Thus the lighting scheme was kept deliberately low, with only accentuation on it's landscape and minimal illumination for safety. Embedded LED nodes were proposed to be sandwiched between the double glaze facade crown, that radiate outwards for the vista of the building height, and yet provided no disturbance to its users. This project is designed in association with China based - Relux & Relux lighting design


Project Information

Client: Undiclosed

Architect: Undisclosed

Local lighting designer: R & R lighting consultant
Status: Proposal


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